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Top 3 Tips For Residential Electrical Safety

electrical safety tips, residential electrical servicesSafety and Electricity are not natural partners, so these top tips for residential electrical safety will help you have a better relationship between the two. They are common sense tips, but in my line of work as an electrician, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know the basics. Or they know them but forget how important it is to follow them.

Electrical Safety Tip Number #1

When changing light bulbs, opening up your electrical box on a ladder, installing your TV ariel, or any other activity where electricity and a ladder come together, be sure to use a wooden or fibreglass ladder – not a metal one. Metal conducts electricity and you can get a nasty, sometimes fatal, shock if something goes wrong.

Electrical Safety Tip Number #2

Similar to electricity and metal, water and electricity while having a natural relationship in the production of electricity, can also be dangerous when working around the home with electrical sockets, appliances and installations. Water also conducts electricity.

Be sure to have dry hands when working with electricity, and when cleaning electrical appliances or sockets with wet rags, make sure the mains switches are off, and even better, turn off the mains.

Electrical Safety Tip Number #3

Electrical Services Sunshine CoastPlumbing and gas pipes are often used to ground electrical systems. Never touch them while working with electricity.

by Grant Matthews Electrical (Your Local Electricians)
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